Best New Collections Of Rangoli Designs Images

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Best New Collections Of Rangoli Designs Images

Rangoli is an art form from India in which patterns are created on the floor in living rooms or courtyards using materials such as colored rice, dry flour, colored sand or flower petals.
Rangoli is one of the richest Indian arts. Every Indian, especially women should know and how to present creatively the Rangoli design. It is usually made during Diwali (Deepawali), Onam, Pongal and other Indian festivals. Designs are passed from one generation to the next, keeping both the art form and the tradition alive.
Designs are passed from one generation to the next, keeping both the art form and the tradition alive.

Rangoli Designs Images New

Behind everything we do in this modern world, there is a scientific reason hidden. Sometimes we may find it very hectic to do all those things. But our ancestors have framed each and every custom in the perspective of science. Hence Rangoli also have got its own scientific reason to insist us to draw it in front of our home everyday. There are many reasons being discovered for many practices and customs being followed. Among that, Rangoli have got many reasons behind it, out of which I would be explaining here the most relevant reasons. Apart from the origin and history of Rangoli, you can also find beautiful Rangoli designs images here. Read more…
Rangoli designs images

Free Hand Rangoli designs images

Free hand Rangoli designs are nothing but you draw geometrical designs either separately or superimposed over each other. These designs does not involve any effort. You can draw these designs in free hand. Rangoli is both an auspicious and preliminary necessity in any religious ritual. It is believed to create a positive vibration in your mind. Appropriate Rangoli designs create a peace of mind, calmness and a pleasant feel around you. Read more…
Free Hand Rangoli designs images

Alpana Rangoli designs images

Alpana Rangoli designs originated in Bengal and major part of the design is white in colour. The Bengali people make this type of Rangoli with the help of rice powder mixed with water. Nowadays, some fabric colours are used along with the glue to give these designs a long life. Along with white colour, sometimes green and red colour are used. The green colour is from tree leaves and the red colour is from sindur. Read more…
Alpana Rangoli designs images

Simple Rangoli designs images

Simple Rangoli designs images presents you the collection of simple designs which would help you a lot if you are a beginner. These designs basically comprises of floral leaves and flowers. So if you are planning to make the place beautiful within minimal span of time, you can go with these simple Rangoli designs. These designs, even though simple, looks beautiful and attractive. Be it a simple or intricate Rangoli design, the way you colour the designs makes them attractive and awesome. Read more…
Simple Rangoli designs images

Dotted Rangoli designs images

Dotted Rangoli designs are the most complex form of Rangoli designs. Even though, the designs are intricate, it is very attractive when it is drawn in front of the home. You need not expect to draw these type of Rangoli only during functions and celebrations. You can draw it daily in front of your home. Many dotted Rangoli designs can be drawn only with white Rangoli powder. It looks simple and neat. When it is coloured, it looks even more attractive. Read more…
Dotted Rangoli designs images

Rangoli designs images for Diwali

Rangoli designs images for Diwali: Even thought Diwali is known as Festival of lights, Colours also play an important role in the celebration. The celebration of Diwali would be incomplete without the Rangoli designs in front of the home. Diwali is celebrated to herald Goddess Lakshmi. We pray for her blessings to give us a prosperous life. So in that time, Rangoli is drawn, not only to welcome the guests to our house, but also the God who gives the blessings. Here are some special Rangoli designs images for Diwali which you may find it auspicious to draw it on the day of Diwali. Read more…
Rangoli designs images for Diwali

Colourful Rangoli designs images

Colourful Rangoli designs are always impressive and attractive when you draw it. These collection of Colourful Rangoli designs images can be drawn on any occasions like Diwali, Pongal, and many other festivals. The designs behind the colour is very simple. But the colours you give to the pattern makes it more beautiful and awesome. The way you choose the colour and the way you give the colour to the designs determines the ravishingness of your Rangoli design. Read more…
Colourful Rangoli designs images

Floating Rangoli designs images

Floating Rangoli designs images are absolutely fun to make. You can place it anywhere you want. Unlike other Rangoli designs, it is not restricted only at the front of the home. These Rangoli designs can be made at one place and you can carry it from there to anywhere. Floating Rangoli designs images mostly consists of kundan stones to make it more decorative. Read more…
Floating Rangoli designs images

Flower petals Rangoli designs images

Flower petals Rangoli designs are special kind of Rangoli designs which involves a lot of flower petals. Flower petals gives a great kind of fragrance around the place where the Rangoli is drawn. It looks most decorative and attractive when you use flower petals to colour the pattern of Rangoli. If you are looking for a different kind of Rangoli without the colour powder, you can give a try for Flower petals Rangoli designs. Read more…
Flower petals Rangoli designs images

Symmetric Rangoli designs images

The Rangoli had been basically originated from these Symmetric Rangoli designs. Then as the time passed, due to the transition of culture and customs the Rangoli was also customized to different patterns and designs. One of the important scientific facts about Rangoli is it’s Symmetry. This symmetric nature of Rangoli gives peace of mind, and makes your mind calm and healthier. Moreover the round edges in the symmetric Rangoli gives you a kind of positive vibration in your mind. Read more…
Symmetric Rangoli designs images

Peacock Rangoli designs images

Peacock Rangoli designs images are always impressive and attractive when you draw it. Peacock is also called as Mayura in Sanskrit and finds its place in various temple arts, poetry, folk music, mythology and traditions. It is also one of the preponderant bird for making different rangoli patterns. Peacock rangoli designs are not associated with any particular festival but with all of them. Peacock rangoli is very common on festivals such as Diwali, Dusshera, Pongal, New Year and many other Indian festivals. Read more…
Peacock Rangoli designs images
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30 Simple Rangoli Designs For Special Occasion Indian Festivals at Home

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Simple Rangoli Designs

So next time when there’s a special occasion at home, you will know how to add that dash of colour to your house. Do share with us what you think of these easy rangoli designs.
beautiful rangoli designs with flowers
1. This simple rangoli design looks very vibrant with its beautiful colours. The red and the contrasting blue make it a colourful rangoli. The design too is quite simple. The contrasting colours of blue and red make this one a great choice for anyone. This one is apt for Diwali and will suit most occasions, for it is mostly flower patterned.

Best Happy Birthday Status And Wishes.....

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